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The Allurion Balloon

The Allurion Balloon is a swallowable capsule that contains a balloon that is inflated with a saline solution once it is in the stomach. This balloon takes up space in the stomach, reducing the amount of food that can be eaten and reducing the amount of calories that are consumed. The balloon is designed to stay in the stomach for up to four months before it is naturally passed through the digestive system.

Unlike other gastric balloons, the Allurion Balloon is non-invasive and does not require any surgical procedures. It is easy to swallow and is made from biocompatible materials that are specifically designed to be safe for the body. The capsule is also designed to be easily passed through the digestive system, so there is no need for any follow-up procedures or for the balloon to be removed.

The intragastric balloon is not a solution for every obese person, and there are certain criteria that must be met for the Allurion Balloon to be inserted.

Allurion Team

The Team

Obesity Unit SA is an Internationally-Accredited Bariatric Centre of Excellence and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our professional Bariatric team will be with you every step of the way, providing a holistic and effective approach to achieving your weight loss goals and improving your overall health.

The Allurion Intragastric Balloon is inserted as a 15 minute procedure. One our expert dieticians will then follow up with you on a monthly basis as part of the Allurion Programme and guide you through the weight loss journey.


Obesity Unit


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It has been demonstrated that 95% of weight-loss from the Allurion Balloon can be sustained at 12 months.

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A breakthrough in simplicity: weight loss without surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia.

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Receive multi-disciplinary support from Obesity Unit SA during your weight-loss journey.

The Allurion Balloon Reduces Food Intake

Hunger and associated cravings are reduced.

Weight loss success can be achieved in as little as 16 weeks.

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360 Degree Program

The Scale, Watch and Application are included as part of a 360 Degree Approach to weight loss!

The Allurion Programme is all encompassing and goes well beyond the 16-week gastric balloon used to kickstart your weight loss. The 6-month scientifically backed Programme helps you readjust your mindset towards food to sustain your weight loss, for your long-term health.

Throughout the 6-month Allurion Programme, keep your health team updated on your progress with the Allurion Connected Scale, Health Tracker and Allurion App​.

The scale and watch are yours to keep and the Allurion App allows you to keep track of your weight and avoid putting it back on.


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Candidates for the Allurion Balloon

Aged 18 and Above

You must be 18 years and older to have the balloon inserted

Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

BMI 27 and Above

Your BMI must be 27 and above

Have not had stomach or oesophageal surgery

Have not had stomach or oesophageal surgery

Worldwide Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Allurion Balloon

No, the balloon is not covered by medical aid currently and must be fully funded by the patient.

Up to 95% of weight-loss may be sustained 12 months after the Balloon exits the body!

The placement takes place during a 15-minute outpatient visit. Allurion is the first gastric balloon that requires no endoscopy or anaesthesia for placement or removal. Simply swallow a capsule containing the deflated Balloon with a catheter: once the Balloon is confirmed to be in your stomach via x-ray, the Balloon is filled with water through the catheter. A second x-ray takes place to ensure the Balloon is filled correctly.

No. After approximately 16 weeks, the Balloon deflates and passes naturally. In very rare cases, an intervention might be required.

After approximately 16 weeks of the Allurion Program, multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that patients lose on average 10–15% of their total body weight. If you still want to lose more weight, a second Balloon can be placed after completing the first program.

Yes! The Allurion Program, a combination of our unique swallowable gastric balloon and a supported lifestyle change program, leads to nearly 2.5 times the weight loss than a lifestyle change program alone, according to an independent study.(superscript 1)

In another study, three-quarters of participants who attempted to lose weight over a year through calorie-controlled or restricted diets (72% of participants), exercise programs or courses (22%), and pharmaceutical treatments (12%), did not achieve a clinically meaningful weight loss defined as at least 5% of their body weight.(superscript 2) The evidence shows that these isolated methods alone are not enough.

The 6-month Allurion Program combines medical support and a weight-loss device (Allurion Gastric Balloon), digital tools (Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker and Allurion App) and nutritional coaching to kick-start your weight loss and help you form lifelong healthy habits to maintain the weight loss.



Results at 16 weeks. Raftopoulos, I et al Holyoke Medical Center. Holyoke, MA​ An Intensive 52 Week Nutritional, Exercise and Behavior Modification Program: Comparing With or ​Without the Allurion IGB Presented at ASMBS 2019
Three-quarters of adults with obesity have attempted to lose weight in the past year, but most have been unsuccessful (

The Allurion Balloon is the world’s first and only gastric balloon without the need for surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia for balloon placement and removal. The balloon is swallowed as a capsule during a 15-minute placement which means less downtime or time off work for our patients.
Designed to pass naturally at approximately 16 weeks, the Allurion Balloon maximises weight loss while minimising time spent in the body, making it a more effective option than longer 6-month endoscopic balloons, where 80% of weight loss is achieved within the first 3 months.

The Allurion Balloon is a safer option, with fewer side effects. It has a significantly lower intolerance rate compared to 12-month endoscopic balloons (1-3% vs 14.4%), with an overall serious adverse event rate that is 10 times lower than other liquid-filled balloons.

Made from vegan polyurethane, a material that’s much thinner and more flexible than the silicone material in endoscopic balloons, the Allurion Balloon flexes and adapts as your stomach moves, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.


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After the Allurion Balloon passes, the Allurion Programme and the related support from your healthcare team continues for one month. At the end of the Allurion Programme, you should continue your healthy lifestyle habits. One clinical study showed that 95% of the average weight loss with the Allurion Balloon was sustained at 1-year follow-up.

After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time-activated release valve will open, allowing the balloon to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract without the need for a removal procedure.

*In rare cases, the Allurion Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal.

After the less than 20-minute placement, you can continue with your life; however, you may have some symptoms for a few days such as nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Your healthcare professional will advise you on care and nutrition after placement and the best plan to resume your activities, such as gym and exercise.

No. The Allurion Programme is a discrete experience. Unless you tell people, no one will know you have had the Balloon placed.

The Process

There are strict criteria to qualify for the balloon. You must meet these criteria to qualify.

You have a medical consultation with the Allurion provider. This can be performed virtually or in-person.

You have a pre-procedure consultation with our dietician. This can be performed virtually or in-person.

The balloon is inserted as a 15-minute outpatient procedure.

Your daily activity and weight are tracked with the provided scale and step counter.

Monthly follow-ups with the dietician ensure you stay on track.


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